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Dharma Dog Karma Cat

Ombre Cave, Black & White

Ombre Cave, Black & White

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Our ombre cave is approximately 20″ long, 14″ wide and 10″ high and is roomy for pets up to 12 lbs and cozy for those up to 16 lbs.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Soo loved

Our kitten loves this little home. We put it on a ledge in our living room and she is cozy with a view.

John Davis
Safe haven for new kittens

We brought home our new kittens and it didn't take them long to explore their new cat caves. They sleep in them, and they return to them when they are unsure about something or someone and they want to feel safe. We respect these caves as being their safe place and we don't bother them when they retreat to these woolen wombs. Great purchase! Very satisfied! Thanks!

Cat loves it

I got the rose cat cave. My cat immediately climbed in and loves it! However, it does look like a female body part, so I would choose a different color.

Cynthia H.K.
We all LOVE the wool ombre cave bed, bucket bed, and agate mats

The cats seem to love them. They used them immediately. I thought my shyer cat would be especially drawn to the cave bed, when she needed to "get away" from her alpha brother. But both of them use it, as well as their bucket bed, and the agate mats. I like them alot because they seem to be truly sustainable products (including worker well-being) and I am trying to move in the direction of the circular economy paradigm. The cost was not that much more than other less sustainable similar products. Thank you for your responsible business model and quality products. I can highly recommend them! Happy to support you.
Cat Mom in Ann Arbor, MI, USA

My cat loves this!

I’d gotten my cat a few wool toys from here and she seemed to really enjoy them. I decided to see if the cat cave would be her style. She absolutely loves it and crawled right in from day one. She’s napping in it as I type this.
I also appreciate that it’s all natural and made by women in Nepal.